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ArcGIS ArcReader 10.6

Views map data and designs globes or paper maps
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View, explore, and print maps of specific regions or the entire world in the dedicated application supporting interactive files downloaded from the ArcMap servers and optionally published with the Publisher extension. Designing and modifying models of globes is possible along with basic map editing.

ArcGIS ArcReader is a free software program that allows users to manipulate ArcGIS files. With this program, you are able to open ArcGIS map files, zoom and switch between map and page layouts, export content to BMP and print maps, deploy your GIS Data or create custom ArcReader applications.

The program installment is easy to perform with just a few mouse-clicks. Then, the interface has the looks of a Windows XP program, with an outdated gray theme. Despite that, the interface does offer a considerable amount of advanced options, it's quite responsive to user commands, but it lacks other theme choices.

As I mentioned in the beginning, ArcGIS ArcReader comes with various functionalities that users can enjoy. The ArcReader tool can be used to manage PMF format in which these files are being saved. The maps can then be explored with a smartly designed interface. Other available options that can be applied to PMF documents include zoom, highlight or switch.

Moreover, the program has a print function that can be used by users to list a whole map or just the current view. An important thing to be mentioned is that printing is done without any loss of map information.

To summarize, ArcGIS ArcReader is a program that offers some true neat functions that allow users to achieve their tasks more efficiently, and though it does have some minor interface inconveniences, I recommend to try it out before making any other assumptions.

John Saunders
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  • Offers a considerable amount of advanced options
  • Prints maps without any loss of information
  • Supports manipulation of PMF format


  • Has an outdated gray theme
  • Lacks any theme choices
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